April 20, 2008

REDISCOVER: Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy

I named this post REDISCOVER, but many of you may not yet know of Lynott, or even the band that brought him fame, Thin Lizzy, so I envy you, I would love to get up this Sunday morning and discover an artist with this much talent and charisma. And even if you are familiar, perhaps you've forgotten...

When listening to Phil Lynott, even when you're familiar with his voice, you can't help but find your ears prick up. The presence and charisma of his voice can only be compared to that of an actor whose appearance on screen is electric, it demands that you watch, but as it's happening it's subliminal, quietly filling crevasses in your psyche you're unaware of, that you couldn't understand. This is a small sample of Phil Lynott's work with Thin Lizzy, a few songs that have been ringing in my ears lately:

little girl in bloom [mp3]
little girl in bloom (Peel Session) [mp3]
randolph's tango [mp3]
cowboy song (Peel Session) [mp3]
things ain't working out down at the farm[mp3]

Phil Lynott died at age 36 on January 4th 1986.


  1. damn. thank you.

  2. right on man- good to know a blog digs the timeless classic rock- me too.


  3. the links are bad,
    and you know lil bro luved the Lizzy.
    bummer can you get then again?

  4. My friends mom brought us to a concert in Beaumont, Tx when I was 14 yrs. old and it happened to be "Thin Lizzy" and "Nazareth" (Hair of the Dog tour). That is a very memorable concerts to this day! I am now 43 and I am still jamming to "THIN LIZZY" and will never forget them, they are in my life to stay!!! Rock on Lizzy Fans....T-BYRD