March 03, 2008

Sandro Perri

photo credit: Chris Owyoung

I posted a review of Sandro Perri in early January and highly recommended his album Tiny Mirrors and now this post highly recommends Perri and his music. Yes, I know, that's pretty much the same thing, but no other music has impressed, appealed, and lingered in me as Perri's has since discovering it late last year. I am dying to see him perform live, he's got several dates in and around the Toronto area and I hope to get out to one of them over the next couple of months. Here's a chance for you to hear (over and over if you download the mp3) just how good Perri is; this song, "City of Museums", may be the best of the aforementioned album for it bears an incredibly lovely melody sung by a jazz trained, indie musician (Perri) who just may be a fan of iconic jazz trumpeter Chet Baker's tranquil, laid back, almost junkie-weary singing. There is something remarkably peaceful about Sandro Perri's music and voice in each and every song, so give a listen and spread the word about this artist.

city of museums [mp3]

Check on his live dates through the link to his website above or the myspace link below.

Sandro Perri's myspace page

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