March 18, 2008

Wilco: The Riviera, Chicago February 19th: Part 2

photo credit: pneyu

Wow! Part 1 of this Wilco show was very popular with you guys, so that makes me very happy to offer Part 2 from the band's February 19th performance in Chicago. The band brings out the horn section for this half of the show, I'd love to see them live with horns, but have only had the chance to see them once and on that night they weren't... uh.... horny? Nah, that doesn't sound right, does it?

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On And On And On 4:26
Hotel Arizona 5:03
Too Far Apart 4:33
Was I In Your Dreams? (w/horns) 3:27
Misunderstood 6:25
Someday Soon 2:46
California Stars 5:23
Hate It Here (w/horns) 4:53
The Thanks I Get (w/horns) 5:24
Walken (w/horns) 4:34
I'm The Man Who Loves You (w/horns) 4:15
I'm A Wheel (w/horns) 3:37
Kingpin 5:56
Outta Site (Outta Mind) 2:59
The Late Greats 2:55

Here's the zip file for Part 2 (the zip for part 1 has been deleted but the single files are still good).

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  1. Wow this sounds incredible. They sound better live than most bands could ever hope to sound in the studio.