April 28, 2008

Culture Reject

Michael O'Connell is the main man behind the Toronto based solo project Culture Reject. I say 'main man' because the man, obviously talented, has musician friends who lent a musical hand, or two, while he recorded the album's 11 tracks. More notable amongst these were Jim Guthrie (drums, vocals), Karri North (background vocals), percussionist Dave Clark and a horn section consisting of Michael Barclay, Bradley Fauteux, and Venezuelan/Canadian saxophonist, Bernardo Padron. This is one of those little underground indie records that struggle to get heard by all the right, or even the wrong people. And the song that would easily earn the tag 'single' would be "Inside The Cinema", a simple but effervescent melody which only gains more prominence as the guitar parts weave beneath handclaps and equally staccato horn parts. I believe that O'Connell bears the perfect voice for his music, it doesn't distract the listener with vocal gymnastics, the wildest it gets is the favoured double-tracking of his voice. At times this records recalls Modest Mouse, or Isaac Brock's offshoot band, Ugly Casanova. This is a very strong debut solo outing for O'Connell (he previously played with indie band Black Cabbage), and he has given us a record which should, and will (if given a fair shake), be discovered over many listens... all it needs is a chance to grow.

From Culture Reject (White Whale Records)
inside the cinema [mp3]
fireflies are fading [mp3]

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  1. Hi Alan, thanks for the exposure. I like them.

    Hope all is well, My best from Boston.