June 16, 2008

The National: White Sessions

Summer's almost here, my back is royally screwed (i can't sit, so i'm kneeling on a blanket to work at the computer right now), and good music is in the air.

The National, based in Brooklyn and originally from Cincinnati, are getting some fantastic exposure this spring opening for major label heavyweights REM and Modest Mouse. Here's a great live performance the band did a year ago for France's Inter Radio, it features, almost exclusively, tracks from the latest record, Boxer. The band has a few more dates with those two, but will continue to tour hitting every spot in Europe, check the schedule here.

07/05/28 - White Session - Radio France
01. start a war
02. brainy
03. slow show
04. squalor victoria
05. apartment story
06. racing like a pro
07. ada
08. you've done it again virginia
09. mistaken for strangers
10. fake empire
11. about today

You can download The National's Boxer and Alligator (plus earlier albums) at eMusic with their free trial offer.

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