June 22, 2008

Shins To Release Next Album on Mercer's Label

Yeah, I got a little excited the other morning when I saw this story on Billboard, but there's no news about a new record, just the fact that the band are seeking a better deal and will likely release the next record on frontman James Mercer's label, Aural Apothecary. This isn't good news for their current label, Sub Pop, the band's most recent effort, Wincing The Night Away, sold over half a million copies, so far. Seeing how this year hasn't been very exciting, musicwise, this news deserves to be celebrated with some Shins music, a Shin Bones Mix!

kissing the lipless (album version)
girl on the wing
split needles (alternate version)

The Shins - live at paradiso amsterdam 2007
sleeping lessons
kissing the lipless
turn a square
a comet appears
caring is creepy


  1. Awesome! i love the shins!. dont you have the entire concert at paradiso?
    it would be great if you can upload it :D

    greeting from Chile :)

  2. thank you SO much for those live tracks. they're incredible.

  3. hey Diego - i don't have the entire paradiso show, sorry.

    Saint Simon - you're welcome.

  4. Thanks for the live tracks! Love the Shins and working on a cover of Australia!