June 11, 2008

Sixeyes: 'Reruns'

There haven't been many posts here for a couple of reasons, or more, but the one which actually saddens me is the fact that I haven't heard anything new which has remotely excited me. I've even found myself listening to songs from bands that roamed the earth years ago, decades ago. This isn't typical of me at all, I'm always seeking something new, a new favourite song, or artist, and when I find something which I like I often share it with Sixeyes readers, hoping against hope that that one little post by little old me will start an internet brushfire à la Beirut and rocket the artist onto the pages of much worthier reads. So, while sitting here in an non-air conditioned attic of an 80 year old house during an obnoxious early June heatwave with humidex readings of 40°C (104 degrees Fahrenheit), once again I bring you music by artists that, at one time, I felt excited enough to put up here at Sixeyes... these musicians still deliver the goods and still deserve a wider audience. There are obviously many artists that I can't recall right now, perhaps I'll have to do this rerun 'thing' again in the future... and having just spent a very disheartening few minutes on the hype machine and very nearly feeling the bile rise into my throat as I scanned the page to find major label dreck littering the page. What the hell happened? It's a sure sign of how desperate major labels are right now to see artists like Madonna and Coldplay on an aggregator which points us all in the direction of free mp3 downloads. The times are changing, but I preferred when indie acts ruled that little corner of the internet, I'm just not mainstream material, not in most aspects of my life... oops, I'm getting way off track... Where was I? Oh, yeah, I'll have to do this rerun thing again, that is if I can't find some new music that really excites me... soon. Long live the independent!

Well... I wrote the above a couple of days ago and I've been waiting for some free time to wrap it up and upload the songs, but guess what happens, I get contacted by the main man from Via Violenta about his new musical project called Young Hunting (Via Violenta were featured on Sixeyes something like a year ago) and now along comes a new song from a new band and I like it straight off.... so, this post is still titled 'Reruns', but the first track is a premiere of sorts.

Young Hunting
man working his maze

Via Violenta
long black lashes
always looking back

David Fridlund
with every new day
tonight the walls are closing

Wooly Leaves
soft place to call home
people and the planets

Lionel Neykov
i need you
freeze my senses

Between The Pine
robbie, brute of the brawlers
please sit down

The Broken West
down in the valley

Harlem Shakes
felt wings

The Scourge of The Sea
out of the trash

The Little Ones
cha cha cha
high on a hill

Novi Split
you got served
california skies

Golden Gram
new start (enjoy yourself)


  1. Here's another great band that hasn't picked up the attention they deserve quite yet. They're an indie-pop band from Sweden called Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck. Their new album just got put out by the label I'm interning at and I really digging it. Here's their myspace if you are inclined to take a listen. Cheers.


  2. I think you just might be right about the music so far this year...I'm underwhelmed, with a few exceptions.