August 15, 2008

Tut Tut: 'The Heart Goes Nine'

Tut Tut are led by Alexander Abnos and a large cast of friends and some of those friends happen to be ukuleles. Nooo, don't stop reading. This isn't a gimmick, people who use gimmicks have a way of getting their name and face plastered in all the right places for all the wrong reasons. And have you ever heard of Tut Tut? No, right? Well, tsk tsk. And it's that very anonymity which is the first signal that this isn't a gimmick. Abnos handles the vocals and plucks and saws at the ukuleles, his voice conjuring Stephin Merritt's little brother on several songs. There's a strong rhythm on "Fargo's Theme" perhaps an Arcade Fire influence showing through, or a million other songs and artists who have employed aggressive rhythms. Opening track "Marquee (KC's Theme)" is a perfect opener, it displays the strong rhythmic aspect, Abnos's detached Merritt-like vocal, and how well he has orchestrated the myriad sounds into a short and sweet pop song. What is without a doubt the most popular song on the record is "Pins On Your Purse" with it's sing-a-long (or whistle-a-long if you're into that) ukulele riff, not to mention the actual chorus, and once more Abnos's extremely pleasing indie baritone. It's been awhile since I've come across music unknown to me that I think everyone should know about, so this is definitely recommended. Lighthearted music grounded by a heavy hearted voice.

pins on your purse
marquee (kc's theme)

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