August 31, 2008

The Wheat Pool

The Wheat Pool's music sounds like a dark summer night, and although the night is warm and sultry (thanks to Throw Momma From The Train for that, or going way back, Charles Dickens), there's just too much going on in your fevered head for you to enjoy the wonderful sensations of the deep, dark center of a summer night. So you just keep on driving a road paralleling the train tracks and thinking of that girl you can't stop thinking of, or two, or three. And then there's your grandmother in the hospital (you've never lost anyone), a nail in your right rear tire (been there awhile, it takes four or five days before you've got to find a gas station pump), and there's a few burns on your arms (from a pizza oven, or whatever... work) that you you feel whenever you rest your arm out the car window. A jumble of good and bad blinding you to the beauty of the night... that's what The Wheat Pool can sound like, like that feeling of despair, desperation, and declarations of love. Luckily they also make a sound that can lift you up to the cold stars to await the rise of the sun.

This is from their 2007 release, Township:
geographic centre of canada

peniel, sk (if you want to show the band you're listening, you can get this mp3 on their website, the link wasn't working earlier, it is now)

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1 comment:

  1. i've no fucking clue what the band sounds like based on reading your review - but all the more reason to listen to their music in order to understand what you mean.

    clever. thanks.