May 26, 2009

The National: "The Runaway" Lyrics

The lyrics can now be found at my new blog, here.


  1. Anonymous1:29:00 AM

    I'm not really sure what else the song title can be, but - gosh - the song? It's so perfect... I've got goosebumps.

    Thanks for sharing it and writing up the lyrics.

    -Amy L.

  2. Anonymous8:06:00 AM

    I've managed to give it a few spins in itunes since I downloaded it, and I must agree. It got right to me.
    I've got to admit that 'Boxer' is the only National album I have, but it was perhaps my favorite album for 2008.
    BTW, I'm quite new to this blog-reading (and even writing, which I started myself), but I already got introduced to some brand new interesting music by your blog, so you have my thanks.
    And you are more than welcomed to give my blog a peek, should you feel like it.

    - Daniel Firewood