June 07, 2013

Neko Case: Album Trailer Teaser 2013?

Neko Case and her label Anti have released a 90 second trailer for what we can only presume is for her forthcoming album. There is even a glimpse of a handwritten lyric sheet in this clip, the gist of which is below:

Then I left my body for good, 
and shook off all the strength I'd saved, 
I wanted so badly not to be me, 
I wanted so badly not to be me, 
I squinted in morse code, dot dot dash, dot dot dash, 
and saw my body lookin' lost... etc.

There is a bit more on the sheet, but at the end of the clip this appears on screen:

The worse things get
The harder I fight
The harder I fight
The more I love you

There is no title, no date, nothing, just a hint, perhaps, when she sings "Where did I leave that fire?" And, of course, Neko walking in the fields, laying on a bed, and sliding down into the water of a clawfoot tub. Check it out below.

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