June 12, 2013

The High Wire: "LNOE" MP3

This is the first time The High Wire have hit my ears... the song is still making it's virgin passage and I have to write about it. Anthemic is a term I turn to when I imagine a song live, the crowd moving in unison, singing along. "LNOE" has an extremely strong hook, arrangement, and most importantly, presence. Put simply, this is a radio hit from my youth, back when no one had a computer and the dated and poor had 8-track players in their cars. 

(6 minutes later)

Alright, I've had three listens now and it's shallowness is becoming evident... still, there's that hook and a vocal that sounds like it's coming from up on a high wire. If you're looking for a summer car song... pop "LNOE" in the 8-track.

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