June 10, 2013

Valleys: "Hounds" MP3

Marc St. Louis and Matilda "Tillie" Perks are the founding members of the Montreal quartet, Valleys. This year saw the band sign with New York indie Kanine Records and the subsequent release of Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night?

At the heart of their songs is a beating cherry pop tart, but then they've gone and dragged everything through an extremely large empty metallic tank, with the help of computers, robots and electricity. You know the tanks I'm talking about, they get pulled out of the ground when a gas station closes, the pumps dismantled and then those long underground storage tanks are exhumed. Valleys have stumbled upon one of these tanks and pushed and pulled their music and vocals through the long empty drum's blackened air, through the cobwebs and the ghosts of gasoline fumes. Their songs then pulse into the clear air with a big, dark hollow echo at their core and the fragrant promise of ignition as they encounter the sun. Listen for yourself, this is the second track on the album:

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