The Listening Post

Back when I had built this into a well visited music blog, I put up mixes called sixpacks. This time out, I'm going with 'The Listening Post', which is a 1940's wartime idiom meaning 'a center for monitoring electronic communications (as of an enemy)' or ' a forward position set up to obtain early warning of enemy movement' or 'any position or location for obtaining secret information about an enemy'. Okay, obviously we're not dealing with enemies here, but let's take the old adage 'To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy', and change it to 'To know music, you must become your music... or at least listen to music'. 

So, these Listening Post's will be where you'll gather 'secret' intell that you may, or may not, wish to share with friends. Some new, or not so new, music that makes your day just a little bit better... and how could you not share something like that? How dare you keep that secret... even with your enemies?

If you want to share with me your own little secret found on soundcloud, even if it is your own band or music... send me a link with 'soundcloud post' in the subject line. Remember, it's got to be found on soundcloud.

indieslang AT gmail (dot) com

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