December 20, 2004


'fiesta' by chad crouch

Chad Crouch is the force behind, or should I say, before, the Hush Records band, Blanket Music. Crouch is also the force behind the Hush Records label itself. This appears to be one driven guy - running a label, writing and performing music (solo work as well as band), creating art (he is also an accomplished artist, see above), producing musicians on his label, and making me feel tired while writing this (not too difficult a task, but one he accomplishes with ease and aplomb). But I'm also feeling an oxymoron comin' on - laidback/mellow music+driven/prolific work ethic = Chad Crouch, or creative renaissance man/businessman = Chad Crouch - he's a walkin', talkin' oxymoron here people.

Here is a snippet from an interview w/Crouch:

'What is your name/ who plays with you/ what do you play? My name is Chad Crouch. I play guitar and sing. The band is Greg Lind on Drums, Jez Miller on Bass, Mike Johnson on Keys, Ross Seligman on guitar

Where do you live? (feel free to elaborate on your space/environment if you think that's relevant to your music)? I live in Portland. We practice in the basement.

How long have you been making music? Since I was in my last year of college. 1995.

Who/what inspired you to get started with your musical alter-ego? My flatmate ran a record label. he released a single by Lou Barlow. That was my introduction to indie-music, I suppose. Before that I was into more of the MTV 120 Minutes set (for lack of a better description) - James, Mazzy Star, etc. comes to mind; produced stuff on big labels, but not necessarily on the radio or 'mainstream'. That year I was intoduced to Pavement, Palace, Bedhead, Yo La Tengo, Elliot Smith and so forth. 1994-1995. Ilearned to play guitar to sing religious campfire songs (which didn't last too long in retrospect). My friend had a four track. I got hooked on recording.'

Musically Crouch's output is soft, I mean soft on the heart and on the ears, even when the music makes you want to dance, his distinctive mid-atlantic phrasing delivered by a vaguely effiminate voice (some will be reminded of Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch) keep the mellow vibe leaking from your speakers.

So, in conclusion, head into your room close the door, latch the window, turn on the music, and flood the room, or better still wrap yourself, with or in, Blanket Music.

Of the tracks linked below, Tap The Beat is a highlight for me, as well as Hips.
Tap The Beat with the perfect vocal blend of Crouch and Corinna Repp opening the track followed by the lovely alternating lyric of what they would do for each other - and beneath all this lurks a bossa nova beat bolstered by a fat bass guitar line. I love it.
Hips, from it's title alone, should not surprise as a danceable number, with record scratches, electronic squiggles, and the sexily delivered line, 'Shutup and sway your hips', it's that and more.

+ tap the beat
+ hips
+ You Shouldn't Have Said That
+ deja vu

chad crouch solo
+ go by train
+ dog's kiss


  1. Could that Chad Crouch be the Chad Crouch listed here for the Life Aquatic Giveway winner?

    If so, then that is a funny coincidence. Dude gets around.

  2. Hi, I enjoy your blog very much. Just thought you might want to know, the link for You Shouldn't Have Said That is faulty.

  3. hey john - yeah, its got to be him, so i'm guessing the indieworkshop guys will feel kinda dumb when they realize who he is.

    kristine - thank you for letting me know you like the blog and tipping me off about that broken link. it's fixed now. thanks alot.