December 22, 2004


Ariel Pink has caught the buzzing bees and taught them to sing with their wings, or maybe there is just a lotta hiss on this very catchy lo-fi track from Animal Collective's protege.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
from 'The Doldrums' + i wait for kate
Paw Tracks
*you can download mp3 samples of several songs, right here.

Jason Molina of Magnolia Electric Co. has been studying Mr. Neil Young's canon and on "Dark Don't Hide It", you almost expect Young's quavering off-key signature vocal to tumble out of the speakers, but when it doesn't you may feel a touch disappointed... for a beat or two, then you'll sit back and wallow in Molina's shadowy voice captured live in Brussels in 2003.
Magnolia Electric Co.
from 'Trials and Errors' + dark don't hide it

*bonus + cross the road
Secretly Canadian


  1. Ariel Pink is really good, is he part of animal collective?

  2. ariel is the first guy who isn't in animal collective to have a disc released on the paw tracks label. also the label was started by animal collective in conjunction with car park records.

    sorry, i should have given more info in the post, but that's what happens when you write a post at 4 am and then don't proofread it later.