December 16, 2004

Jane Siberry

A keen ear for building vocal atmosphere with her own voice or enlisting the talents of back up singers has always been evident since Jane Siberry began recording in 1981 (her talent has attracted people like Brian Eno, who co-produced her 1993 release, to her side). An idiosyncratic singer/songwriter (not unlike fellow Canadian, Mary Margaret O'Hara) who puts herself, her life, into her songs in an endearing way.

As evidenced by the track, 'Hockey', from her 1989 disc, "BOUND BY THE BEAUTY" . Yes, this song looks at the Canadian pastime, but from a personal point of view - a scar on a lover's chin, dogs stealing hockey pucks, breakaways, Jean Beliveau, and the Montreal Riot following the benching of Montreal's most explosive player, Rocket Richard - this song will feel like warm soup to anyone who has spent a Sunday afternoon skating after a puck on a windswept pond.

+ hockey

Here are some mp3 clips off her artist/label site, these are 1:30 seconds in length, just long enough to make you want to hear more.


+ 'Everything Reminds Me of My Dog'
+ 'Bound By The Beauty'
+ 'The Life Is The Red Wagon',
+ 'The Walking (And Constantly)'
+ 'Red High Heels'


  1. I own both of these albums, and gleefully endorse your choices. As a youngster, I read a review of "No Borders Here" and knew I had to have it. It described her as "a cross between Joni Mitchell and Laurie Anderson", which to me seemed the perfect combination. Both of these CD's were out of print for years, as Warner Brothers purged their catalog. I gather that they are both back in print and I urge people to get anything they can by Jane Siberry. My favorite on "The Walking" is the song "The White Tent The Raft", clocking in at a stealth 10 plus minutes. Great selection

  2. Great Siberry selection! My favorite album of hers is 'The Speckless Sky'; so many great songs, including just about the saddest song ever: 'The Taxi Ride'.

    Love the new look of your blog!

  3. Thanks EJ and Placidian for taking the time to leave a comment. And for leaving comments that tell me I'm not wasting my time here, i just hope someone discovers Siberry and she becomes a favourite artist of theirs as well. That would make all the trouble of doing this blog well worthwhile.

  4. Jane has been a favorite of mine since "Mimi On The Beach". I had the pleasure of seeing her twice early on in her career. She's an eclectic "Beauty" not "Bound" by convention. Do yourself a favor and pick up her CD's! :)

  5. I've been a fan since Bound by the Beauty.That song really nails a profound idea and swoops away with a beautiful hook and that gorgeous vocal. I've seen her live a few times and she's a true cabaret artist. One of my favorite songs is her Love is Everything from When I Was a Boy. I posted a live cover of it (with her permission!) on my page:
    Thanks for the fine blog, Alan.