May 31, 2004

Waving the Power Pop Flag

Here we go... post number 1!

Since I am Canadian and proud of it, I feel no regret at waving the flag and promoting a Canadian band-The New Pornographers. I love their giddy power pop with it's crashing harmonies and uplifting melodies. Touted as a Canadian supergroup with their debut release of Mass Romantic in 2000-Carl Newman from Zumpano, Dan Bejar from Destroyer, Kurt Dahle of Limblifter-much was expected and they delivered. Tracks such as Letter from an Occupant and The Fake Headlines, I now consider to be classics. With their sophomore CD The Electric Version, Carl and his cronies upped the ante and blew their previous release almost completely out of the indie power pop community pool.

Now we have leader Carl Newman's solo release to sate our appetites until the next New Porno's collection. Carl will release The Slow Wonder under the moniker A.C. Newman. Watch for it. Downloads from this CD can be had at Matador Records.

Zumpano, Carl Newman's previous band, can be heard through a link in the April 2, 2004 archive of Largeheartedboy. Although these are covers they will surely get you digging for some of their original work.


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