June 14, 2004

Iron and Wine 'our endless numbered days'

Hushed and feathered, his mouth close, right up against the speaker. You can very nearly feel his breath warm with melody singing just for you. Singing songs to listen to when comfortable and alone or when you need to feel comforted and alone.

Iron and Wine is Sam Beam, a resident of Miami - a one-man project begun when he got his hands on a four-track recorder. Now working digitally, since he wore out the four-track, Sam released his latest, early this spring. Titled 'Our Endless Numbered Days' , it is the second release for the man who works solo when recording, but who is joined by a full band on his current tour which brings him to Toronto on June 29th at The Horseshoe Tavern.

Quiet and whispery, his songs will come back like recurring dreams of sun and wine. There is no iron in Iron and Wine ... and that's a good thing.

'Naked As We Came' from 'Our Endless Numbered Days'

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