June 18, 2004

joan of arc + walkmen

The Walkmen were on a mix CD I burned a couple of years ago, but it eventually got laid aside for more recent discoveries. .. until that car commercial with We've Been Had caught my ear - 'Wha? I know that song.' I said. Then I set about searching for it.

the walkmen

I found it, listened to it for about a week and then bought 'Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone', (March 2002, Startime Records).

A great record, now I have their latest 'Bows and Arrows' , (Feb 2004, Record Collection) to keep me happy.

Also on that mix CD was Joan of Arc, great indie stuff with Tim Kinsella's voice 'breaking and cracking' in all the right places.

the walkmen - the rat

joan of arc - post coitus rock

(downloads from Jade Tree + Record Collection)


  1. Alan,
    I am so grateful to visit your site. You are my new music dealer. Lol.

  2. Thanks Queenie, your comment has made every second of this endeavour worthwhile.

  3. alan, you are truly a king among men. thankyou verymuch for bringing so much sunlight into my world. can i pick your brain?