June 25, 2004


Okkervil River is an actual body of water near St. Petersburg in Russia. Also the actual name of a four piece band based in Austin, Texas(they named the band after a short story by the Russian writer Tatyana Tolstaya).

This is a band who conjure up ominous moods, forboding impressions, and upbeat melodies all within the same song. Led by singer/songwriter Will Sheff, the band, with an overabundance of talent, also has the unique 'lyrical' talents of Sheff who has penned lines like '...the mind turns an itch into a bruise...' from...
The War Criminal Rises and Speaks.
courtesy of jagjaguwar.com
kansas city
courtesy jound.com


  1. Orkkervil is one of my very favorite bans, along with Shearwater, which is comprised of at least two of the same members. I recently saw the two bands in Philadelphia and they were amazing. Will really comands the stage and the band was really enjoying themselves. We all had a great time.

    Between sets Will did a beautiful accoustic love song about a stone. It was completely original and nearly broke my heart. If anyone has information about where I can find a recording of this song, I would kiss you twice and curtsey.

  2. Thanks for commenting Erica and for your impressions of Okkervil. Shearwater will be featured in a future post.