June 09, 2004

There Are No Small Actors - only SMALL parts

In the June issue of British mag Uncut there is an interview with actor Michael Madsen - you know him from Reservoir Dogs, he was Mr. Blonde - the guy whispering sweet nothings into a severed ear.

In response to a question about his '...most unhinged movie shoot?', he replied:

...in terms of madness, Mulholland Falls would take some beating. You got myself, Nick Nolte, Melanie Griffith, Chris Penn, John Malkovich holed up in a trailer for a lot of time. That's gonna be a pretty wild party.

That's a lot of mad bastards. Who was the maddest?

The prize just has to go to Nolte. We were all in the trailer one day waiting to shoot. Nick turns to me - "Hey Madsen, what's the strangest piece of ass you've had in your whole life?" I said "Christ, that's an awfully strange question. I did screw a really fat chick one time."

Nick was so unimpressed. Then he asks everyone else. Nothing they could come up with was remotely weird enough. We're all just sitting there in the trailer. Nobody says anything.

I mean, nobody wants to ask Nolte about the strangest piece of ass he ever had. But I really have to ask him. So I say, "Okay Nick, what about you? What's the strangest piece of ass you ever had?"

And Nick, cool as you like, he says, "Well, i guess i got you'se all beat. I fucked a fucking midget. Them midgets, they got their own town with little houses, little doorways, little chairs. That's why you never see them. Only I've been to that town. I fucked a midget. She was the hottest little thing." We couldn't even shoot that day we were laughing so hard.

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