June 15, 2004

three mile pilot + thanks you's = german dental work fetishists?

Three Mile Pilot, a San Diego band which formed in the early nineties, have released a half-dozen or so albums on the Headhunter label - with one exception , The Chief Assassin to the Sinister - on Geffen. But I want to point you in the direction of one song off of their 1998 EP, 'Three Mile Pilot', simply because I love it.

On a Ship to Bangladesh

...Oh yeah, a big thank you to the guys at Word in the Alleys it's a great blog - those guys don't take any shit from anyone. Check them out!

...and also to Chromewaves, Frank is a very nice guy with a very nice site - out of Toronto.

... and thanks to Fluxblog for yesterdays mention.


No. This isn't music. Just Strange. German... and strange.

Remember how Mike Myers seemed to overplay Dieter's oddness during those old Sprockets
skits on SNL? Maybe he wasn't.

Here is a site with a mouthful of mp3s - but, nothing but... dentistry sounds. You know the ones, the drill, the saliva vacuum.


Ger�usche in der Zahnmedizin


  1. I love that Three Mile Pilot track. I played in on a college radio show that I do a few weeks back. It came just before the Ratatat remix of Missy in my playlist.

    Nice site - been meaning to comment for while.

  2. thanks - it's good to hear feedback from the invisible reader.