June 01, 2004

Tiny Telephone

Tiny Telephone is a recording studio located in San Francisco. Founded in 1997 by indie music standout John Vanderslice it has provided services for among others -

Richard Buckner
Death Cab for Cutie
John Doe
For Stars
Jim Yoshi Pile-Up
Mates Of State
Travis Morrison (D-Plan)
Mountain Goats
On the Speakers
Preston School of Industry
Chuck Prophet
Sun Kil Moon

... but this is really a sideline to what Vanderslice does best - write and perform substantial and innovative music - much of which can be heard here.
Cellar Door- a 2004 release is teeming with songs that catch the ear on first listen, but... and this is the special bit... they continue to grow on you like that vegetable your mom made you eat but that now you can't get enough of.

You know what i mean... doncha?

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  1. Anonymous1:31:00 PM

    Thanks for the info - pale horse is a fantastic song.