June 14, 2004

The Very Hush Hush Indie Pop

This is laidback, tranquil indie... indie ... indie what? It's not rock or pop, it's... it's ... well, do we really need labels? Granted they do make it easier for critics (I am not calling myself a critic here) to quickly and easily pigeonhole a band - and I could use some cliches I read about this band, but.... but I want to come up with my own - my own unique word. One which will go down in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the only cliche that any critic would ever need... uh... um... I'm thinking here.....

Music! That's it. It's music.

Recently signed to Sao Bento Music - the Golden, Colorado trio, The Very Hush Hush
are working on a new batch of songs.

the very hush hush - 'Washing Songs' EP - 'THAT LOOK'

a note: now that I think about it, this is Hush Pop.
And it will go down in history.

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