June 14, 2004

Jolie Holland

If you happen to hear Jolie Holland for the first time seeping into your sleepy ears from the other room, you might mistake her for some amazing field recording done by Alan Lomax in the 20's. She has a voice that sounds like it grew in the mountains, in Kentucky pastures, in Arkansas woods, in Tennessee hills, in.... o.k... o.k... I'm overdoing it, a little bit. She isn't country, but she does sound like the country.

Jolie, Texas born and raised, was a founding member of Vancouver's Be Good Tanyas and appears on their debut release, but she soon departed to work on her own project in San Francisco. The result was Catalpa - a recording that she gave to friends and sold at shows. But Catalpa found friendly ears wherever it played, earning her fans around the world.


Jolie's new CD for ANTI is titled Escondida and the talent roughly presented on Catalpa is further evidenced on this studio produced CD.

note: a couple of mp3s are on the ANTI site link above.

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