July 19, 2004


Detroit's  Gene Corduroy [lead guitar], Casimer Pascal [rhythm guitar, vocals] and Little Tommy Daniels [drums] became Pas/Cal in late 2000.  After signing bassist Nathaniel Burgundy  in February 2002, they soon after inked a deal with Le Grand Magistery Records. There is a  definite love of The Beach Boys harmonies and sunshiney beach life imagery, but this is not another group of Brian Wilson worshippers as evidenced by their sound - to me they come across a little closer to the bouncy indie pop of Dressy Bessy with a little melancholy mixed in now and again,  diluting any saccharine tendencies - a problem inherent in this genre of music in less capable hands.
lll=>  the bronzed beach boys(come on let's go) mp3
lll=>  what happened to the sands mp3
pas/cal website

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