July 17, 2004


Songs: Ohia is the stage name of Jason Molina. Molina began his career in heavy metal bands, wielding a bass around the stages of Cleveland, Ohio. Now he has found his niche as a singer/songwriter in an indie rock/folk musical vein.

The music Molina has been listening to: Michael Hurley (everything!), Cheap Trick "Heaven Tonight", Oneida "Secret Wars", Fairport Convention "Greatest Hits", John Lee Hooker "Travelin", Ainara LeGardon "In The Mirror", Warren Zevon "Genius" & "Excitable Boy", Ramones "Marc Bell Stole My Wife", Shaheen & Bhatt "Water Lily Acoustics". - from the Songs: Ohia website.

Songs: Ohia > Farewell Transmission mp3
If you are a fan you likely know of this treasure, but if you are becoming a fan... go here.

There are many, many live recordings to download.

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