July 09, 2004

the weekend "25"

1.the playwrights> welcome to the middle ages
2.alkaline trio> private eye
3.audio learning center> winter
4.mountain goats> star dusting
5.the mr t experience> sorry for freaking out on the phone last night
6.aMute> let it go swirling
7.blessed light> suzanne sunshine
8.decibully> tables turn
9.decibully> some need change
10.decibully> my lighter and strings
11.cursive> retirement
12.last days of april> i'm calm now
13.the beatle> julia
14.jolie holland> old fashion morphine
15.chris lee> say it ain't soul
16.tullycraft> 8 great ways
17.pixies> here comes your man
18.stereolab> lo boob oscillator
19.tuxedo moon> music no. 2
20.fruit bats> slipping through the sensors
21.minus 5. groove supply
22.the walkmen> we've been had
23.young people> el paso
24.kinski> rhode island freakout
25.wolf colonel> the almond gorilla

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:17:00 PM

    My name's Andy. "wold colonel" should be "wolf colonel." All great songs! I especially like "Old Fashion Morphine" by Jolie Holland. Thanks!