August 29, 2004

SLEEPER - Pie In The Sky

I stumbled across this artist, Sleeper, while searching for the band 'Big Star'. Interesting and at times childlike music by a fella called Woody James. After some internet searching I know next to nothing about Mr. James, but perhaps his music is all you need to know. Low key tunes with acoustic guitar and two voices that to me at times seem to be trying to weave a bit of the 'California' sound into their harmonies contrasting with some more upbeat stuff in the same vein.

from the website:

Woody James - whose likeness, strangely enough, can not be reproduced with conventional photography, has been writing songs since well before the invention of the blanket. His work here with Reverend John "Yonko" Baltic evolved... read the rest

big star mp3
big table mp3

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