August 23, 2004

THE VEILS: Lavinia

There is a timeless quality to The Veils music. A quality enhanced , no doubt, by producer Bernard Butler (formerly of Suede) and the songs arrangements - but, a quality achieved by the songs lyrics. The best songs on 'The Runaway Found' are those that concern relationships, good and bad - 200 years ago and 200 years from now, relationships will be the same - they are timeless.
Finn Andrews is the group's singer and songwriter and he has a distinctive voice - kind of a soft rasp - but, rasp isn't right - more of a rustling, especially on the slower tracks - like barefeet brushing through long grass. And when he uses it on tracks like 'Lavinia' it is to great effect.

+ Lavinia

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  1. Anonymous11:34:00 PM

    I'm pleasantly surprised to see this one here, esp. this song in particular; heard it for the very first time on an online Chicago station maybe two weeks ago and thought it was fantastic. Your description of the Veils' sound is right on, as well. I'll most definitely be looking for the album.