September 19, 2004

Arcade Fire // "In The Backseat" (old + new)

Here is a comment left by the friendly host of U of Guelph's radio show, Undertones.

"I was just stumbling around on the Internet looking for stories on the Arcade Fire, and I came across the link to my show's website - thanks.

The songs were recorded live on my radio show on July 4 2003 - when an viturally unheard of Arcade Fire was to play opening up for a show here in Guelph. They ended up playing last on the bill, because of the time constraints of the band and the blew people away. It is still the best show I have ever seen. The second song - song two is an early version of "in the back seat" from the new album funeral.

anyways thanks again

host of undertones"

here is that early version of "In The Back Seat" and here is the version found on 'Funeral' - "In The Back Seat"

undertones audio page - where you will find a group of mp3s recorded for/or by undertones - music and interviews.

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