September 19, 2004

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds // new songs

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds are set to unleash this set of songs on audiences during November and December - Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus
- the album is set for release on Sept. 20th.

... from the double album
+ supernaturally
+ nature boy
+ cannibal hymn

*the site offering these songs may be overloaded - try again later, if you're having no luck.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Tour Dates


  1. Anonymous3:35:00 AM

    2nd link is same as the 1st.

    M o I

  2. Why is it you always find my screw ups?
    thanks for the heads up... again!

  3. Anonymous6:47:00 AM

    Aww, I'm sorry -- take it as a compliment that I usually download everything you post because it's always really good! I should take the time out to praise what you do, though. This is my favorite mp3 blog bar none, and I'm always interested in what you put up. Do keep up the good job.

    M o I

  4. Thank you. Don't be sorry, your comments only help me make the blog better.