September 18, 2004

Destroyer // "It's Gonna Take An Airplane"

"It's Gonna Take an Airplane"

Avid listeners of
The New Pornogrphers may hear what they believe to be Carl (a.k.a. AC) Newman's imprint on this piece of music - no, it's the other way around. Bejar has left indelible fingerprints on a number of New Pornographer tracks, an influence that goes unnoticed to all but loyal Destroyer/Bejar followers.

Destroyer's 'It's Gonna Take an Airplane' is orchestral in arrangement. An arrangement then twisted by the dark eyes of Vancouver, British Columbia's Dan Bejar into an indie chamber pop gem. But a chamber with padded walls, a chamber with a smoky sixties French pop feel - like Serge Gainsbourg, all clean and starched (save for the tobacco leaf smoking between his gallic fingers), pressed hard and flat up against sooty indieville - then finally breaking free, spinning off as a new creation. A lo-fi/hi-fi, three minute 41 second misfit, leaving blue smudges on the soft padded walls. This is Destroyer's 'It's Gonna Take an Airplane'.

Destroyer "Your Blues"

+ 'it's gonna take an airplane' from "Your Blues" - mp3 courtesy of betterPropaganda

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European Label

Destroyer "Streethawk: A Seduction
+ the very modern dance
+ sublimation hour

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