August 24, 2006

Julia Haltigan & The Hallelujah Peddlers

Julia Haltigan stands out from the crowd. She just needs a chance to be heard.... before people notice the peculiar gift she has. Imagine if Jack White produced Jolie Holland and Holland could wail... you know Haltigan can wail once you give her a listen. She reins her bluesly purr in admirably in "All I Can Think Of Is You", but lets it teasingly slip in my favourite of these two songs, "Green Shirt". Once she gets a full length under her belt I'm hoping to hear some more wailin' blues from Julia Haltigan & The Hallelujah Peddlers.

If you like it when the blues purrs and teases you with it's claws, you'll love this.

+ green shirt
+ all i can think of is you [courtesy of kings of a&r]


  1. Hey Alan,
    Dig your site. We tried to contact you via your email link but its a daemon returner. Please contact us at

  2. Wow these two are amazing, especially "Green Shirt"!

    Thanks for posting these.

  3. These two songs are unbelievable! Ive been listening to them for months now- i originally saw julia play with steel train in maxwells down in hoboken- Green Shirt is especially special- Where can i find more!?

  4. eric - sorry, but i have no idea, there is very little info on her on the net. no website or myspace.


    We do have a myspace, but their search engine doesn't really work very well.

    Thanks everyone for such a good response around her music, we're working on an album right now and hope to really get moving with more stuff. For now, hit us up on Myspace.

    -Nathaniel Broekman, guitarist/cellist/musical director for Julia

  6. Nathaniel: thanks for the update about the myspace page, please keep in touch.

  7. I love love LOVE her voice! I am addicted! When her album comes out, I will have to listen to it maybe eight zillion times in a row.