August 24, 2006

The Veils: Nux Vomica: Review

The Veils
Nux Vomica
[Rough Trade - Sept 11 2006]
*Sixeyes Score: 9 out of 10

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Review by Jenn Rogers

I don't ever start writing reviews during the first listen to an album, particularly not when the first listening of an album is on a public bus with less than fantastic headphones. The fact I feel compelled to do this says a lot about exactly how good the album is.

Okay, so I didn't actually get that far when it came to starting the review and the rest of the words are the result of near compulsive listening over the space of a week. The Veils are a New Zealand started, UK based band, but instead of going into those sort of tangible details, check out Alan's post, listing the details of the new album and accept his praising before I go onto my own.

The music is raw, I'd even go to the instinct of heartfelt, but that would negate the darker underside that lingers beneath many of the songs. Everything presented by songwriter/lead singer Finn Andrews is intriguing, the world suddenly seems the place of a million myths and stories to be drawn on for lyrical inspiration. In some ways, the CD appears set in a world we can all relate to, there is something epic in the repetition and almost traditional images that add together to create haunting music. In other ways, the album acts to create its own world, where the beauty of what could almost be a rough unattractive voice creates differences and unity between the ache of the blues-based songs and the softer, sweeter songs.

One of my major criticisms of a lot of the new bands I find myself listening to is the movement away from the album. When people download a few songs or listen to playlists made on iPods, it seems more and more bands are creating singles and individual songs, killing a sense of cohesion. In comparison, The Veils second album holds together, even through the style changes, and it's this simple fact that gives the songs an almost internal structure that is inherently listenable.

+ advice for young mothers to be
under the folding branches

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JUST ADDED! An interview with Finn Andrews can be read here at sixeyes.

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  1. The Veils sound is a real touch of class,hope the two tracks you posted dont end up being the best on the album.

  2. They have pulled something special together alright. Great to hear so many different songs bought together on one album. I totally agree with your review.