September 24, 2004

THE FAINT // remixes

From Blank-Wave Arcade:
Call Call - The Faint
Worked Up So Sexual - The Faint
From Danse Macabre:

Agenda Suicide - The Faint
Glass Danse - The Faint
Call Call (Club Mix) - Transitor 3
Cars Pass in Cold Blood (Trans Mix) - Recordist
In Concert (Hot Bulb Mix) - The New Gender
The Passives (Cardboard Square Mix) - AJ/DJ
The Passives (Matinee Mix) - The Laces
Sealed Human (The Remix Kills Mix) - ]['m
Sex Is Personal (ZGA go go mix) - Totally Kill Me
Victim Convenience (Dance To Mix) - S.Krolikowski
Worked Up So Sexual (Pole Mix) - The Laces
Worked Up So Sexual (Death Cab Mix) - Chris Walla
Agenda Suicide (Stoven Mix) - Adult.
Agenda Suicide (Fake Agenda Mix) - Fake ID
The Conductor (Joy Electric Mix) - Joy Electric

1 comment:

  1. I'm still not sure if I like The Faint or not. It's one of those situations where I had a lot of friends that like them, so I had to listen to certain tracks by them a lot. It's hard to develop your own opinions on a thing if you hang out with people that play it incessantly.