September 24, 2004

MERMAID AVENUE // Billy Bragg & Wilco

A few years back now, I got a hold of my first Wilco CD, "Being There" and enjoyed it as many did. Although when I picked up the first "Mermaid Avenue" recording, which is the song lyrics of Woody Guthrie set to music written and performed by British 'protesty-folk-type' guy, Billy Bragg and the pre-"Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" Wilco, I played it much more than the Wilco release.

Bragg, who often in his solo work sings with his accent, dropped it during the "Mermaid Avenue" project, and to my ears sounds more interesting for the effort.

It's a great album, released in 1998, the collaboration of one lone Brit and a band of American musicians, who came together over the dusty notebooks of Dustbowl balladeer and Union crusader, Guthrie - it's well worth your attention.

The album can be listened to > here < in this folder.

Enjoy standout tracks like: She Came Along To Me, California Stars, and Hesitating Beauty.

go here to buy the album

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