September 26, 2004

THE LASHES // "Death By Mixtape"

The Lashes:
"Death By Mixtape"

The Lashes like the buzzing guitars. Just listen. Oh, yeah, and the big chorus hook... big as an anchor on an aircraft carrier... a hook like the gigantic question mark that's fish-hooked through your cheek as you wonder, "Who the hell are these guys?"
The Lashes like the tried and true weary-whine vocal. Just listen. A rock 'n roll voice you yourself hear in your head as you squeak along with the after-just-two-listens-already-a-classic chorus. Delusion can be a wonderful thing, as long as you don't share it with others, then it could be termed a psychotic episode.

The Lashes are six guys from Seattle who, on the song 'Death By Mixtape', sound not unlike
Hot Hot Heat weaned on New York Dolls, Stones, and perhaps a quick suckle of onetime babysitter (and wouldn't once be eonugh?), Iggy Pop.

download "Death By Mixtape" courtesy of betterPropaganda

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