September 26, 2004


IF you don't know Tom Waits music, this is as good an introduction as any. Found on the album "Small Change", released in 1976, it is in my mind the standout track on the album, one I have listened to many times... and by that I mean 'dropped phonograph stylus to vinyl', having purchased the album in 1976, or was it '77?

This may be the funniest Waits track ever. No, check that, it is the funniest ever.

- The Young Mr. Waits

*Don't forget, Thomas Alan Waits will be giving us his latest effort, "Real Gone", next month.



  1. I still don't think I have ever figured out what creeping charlies are, much less where to find dead ones.

    (For those reading this who don't understand, on the lyrics sheet for SMALL CHANGE, where the lyrics to "Step Right Up" should be there is a small paragraph that says something like "For the lyrics to this song send your name, address and two dead creeping charlies to..."

  2. creeping charlies are: