October 18, 2004


Arcade Fire have generated a helluva lotta press on indie music websites and in magazines. I know many of you are leery of 'hype', having been burned as we all have before, but give this band a chance. No, they are not the 'second coming' or 'the cure for what ails you' (well, that depends on what ails you, now doesn't it?), what they are is an inspired and inspiring throng of musicians based in Montreal who write and play music that feels good, that obviously means a lot to them. That melds the influences garnered by lead singer + chief songwriter, Win Butler, and projects them onto the listener through the lens of his band. Listen to these tracks from "Funeral"...

+ Wake Up

here for "Funeral".

Arcade Fire:
Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

Arcade Fire's, "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)", definitely has a driving beat, but it's the gilding that drives it into your memory. The Parisian or Montreal cafe accordion, the violin's sweet strings evoking a denouement in one of John Ford's classic westerns - The streets of Neigborhood #2 have been wiped clean of the vermin that troubled it and now our hero and his strong woman (Win Butler, lead vocals, and RĂ©gine Chassagne, vocals + multi-instrumentalist) embrace in the now, oh, so, quiet dusty streets. The music rising about them like the red dust swirling in the sun's setting rays.

I have a hard time telling someone what Arcade Fire sound like; the best I can come up with is a hothouse grafting of The Walkmen's propulsive indie rock onto Broken Social Scene's sprawling apple tree-like collective. How can you go wrong with this union? Just give it enough space in your backyard and await it's rich fruit.

+ neighborhood #2 (laika)

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