October 19, 2004


Gravenhurst (aka Nick Talbot) will release a new EP on November 1st, titled "Black Holes In the Sand". The EP includes a cover of Hüsker Dü's ‘Diane’, reinterpreting the punk classic as a murder ballad. His label, Warp Records has clips of Gravenhurst tracks... here and here, (for the new songs).

...here is a review I wrote for betterPROPAGANDA, of Gravenhurst's song "The Diver", found on his "Flashlight Seasons" disc.

"The Diver"

This doesn't overpower you, it creeps up... like the wind carries a stormy black sky into view over your shoulder. Droning guitar balanced with a keening choir boy voice coming together to set a mood of anxiety, of something about to happen - like the best works of Canadian artist Alex Colville suggest something is just around the corner, just waiting to tear the carefully framed scene apart. This song has a mood worthy of Nick Drake and Nick Cave - or imagine Sam Beam of Iron and Wine with a sweet falsetto and a wheelbarrow full of ambience. Something ominous here, but the difference between Gravenhurst's 'The Diver' and Cave and Drake is this song is shrouded in prettier clothing. It is folksy stuff, but don't think old sixties artists, this ain't your Grandad's vinyl - call it electro-folk.

Gravenhurst's Nick Talbot creates very atmospheric music, he doesn't just set a mood, he sets the table with it and waits for you to take a bite. The whole time you're wondering what will happen when you do - when you bite the vapourous vocal, when you sip the steel string wine, when you swallow the sweet and sour song.
"...I have the ghosts of autumn murders walk me home..." - 'The Diver'
The second release from English bedroom troubadour, Nick Talbot, Flashlight Seasons is on British cutting edge imprint, Warp Records, also home to electronica artists
Squarepusher, Team Shadetek, and Two Lone Swordsmen.

download "The Diver"

gravenhurst website
gravenhurst (nick talbot) blog

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