October 07, 2004

The 'FEIST' frost

You may not have heard of Leslie Feist, but you likely have heard her. From punk beginnings in Calgary's 'Placebo', to Toronto's 'By Divine Right', 'Royal City'(Guelph, Ontario), and 'Broken Social Scene' - with sidetrips along the way with Peaches and Chilly Gonzales - she hasn't been 'Haydening' in her room writing songs.
In mid-May she released her second solo album 'Let it Die', (the first being 1999's 'Monarch') under the name Feist. Recorded in Paris at famed Studio Ferber (Nina Simone, Serge Gainsbourg), the album will fall softly against rock friendly ears. There is a sixties feel to the songs a la Dionne Warwicke/Burt Bacharach... but, that voice... even when she is singing in as detached a manner as possible('Jhai' singing - pronounced hay - a term coined by Feist and Gonzales), it's beauty and power cannot be denied. Turning her talent in this direction, you can almost see the frost in the air.

Listen to...

+ Mushaboom + gatekeeper + one evening

Mr. Gilbert of The Big Ticket has an "Apostle of Hustle" track which features Leslie Feist - go here.

Here is a Broken Social Scene song with Feist using her powerful lungs to drive the band...
+Almost Crimes courtesy of betterPROPAGANDA

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