October 26, 2004


I just read Craig's post on Songs:Illinois about Varnaline (rhymes with gasoline), and it not only gave me some great music, but it also reminded me of the great Varnaline song I have linked below. This song is on a mix cd that I've had for a few years, a perfect track for this time of year - Indian Summer. I really like the way the shimmer of organ colours the song an October sky blue. Varnaline singer Anders Parker sounds like Richard Buckner's indie lovin' little brother on this track - VARNALINE "Indian Summer Takedown" (Artemis)

some more great stuff from insound.com...

The Futureheads: "Piece of Crap" (Sire/Startime)
Elefant: "Misfit" (Kemado)
BEN DAVIS "Poised and Determined" (Lovitt)
MAP "Crash" (Velvet Blue Music)

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