October 09, 2004

The La's // The La's

This is a classic album (it boasts the song that I feel could be the best pop tune ever, "There She Goes"). One that many haven't had a chance to hear.

Released in 1990, it is the band's only official release, one that very nearly didn't see the light of day. The La's lead singer and songwriter, Lee Mavers was a perfectionist who obsessed over the band, it's songs and the recording of them. His compulsive like behaviour delayed the recording and release of the disc.

A myth has grown up around Mavers who is still living, that he went bonkers, trying to produce the perfect pop album, but solicitor/writer
Matthew Macefield has learned otherwise.

this is the track list...
1 Son Of A Gun
2 I Can't Sleep
3 Timeless Melody
4 Liberty Ship
5 There She Goes
6 Doledrum
7 Feelin' Way Out
8 Way Out
9 I.O.U.
10 Freedom Song
11 Failure
12 Looking Glass

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