October 27, 2004

THE WRENS // "I love these guys."

Charles Bissell, Greg Whelan, Kevin Whelan, and Jerry MacDonnell are The Wrens and they are one of the most underrated and ignored bands in indie rock. But that is just par for the course, as I noted here in a old post.

some mp3s to introduce you to your new favourite band...

The Meadowlands 2003, Absolutely Kosher
Boys You Won't Remember
Everyone Chooses Sides

This Boy Is Exhausted


Secaucus 1996, Grass Records
Built in Girls
Surprise, Honeycomb
Dance the Midwest


Silver 1994, Grass Records
Grey Complexion
Behold Me


Abbott 1135 1997, Ten 23Records
I Guess We're Done
This Machine

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