November 11, 2004


Psych-folk is what they call it. Mystical, peace 'n' love hippies... neo-hippies... sandals, beads, flowers in their hair, 'tune in, turn on, drop out'... wait, that's the original 60's hippies, but the rest fits. 'Peace and love', 'make love not war', brown rice and tofu - there are many commonalities between the original and current hippie generations and music is a major one.

Psych-folk is a small movement in the music industry. At this point quite a bit smaller than the indie rock machine, but still, in small pockets around the globe, a few of these psych-folk artists, such as Devendra Banhart (pictured above), are creating a stir - a buzz. And here is where we get back to the original psych-folksters who were known to partake of certain substances to get a buzz - accounting for the trippy music they created. It all comes back to the buzz - originally the music was an outgrowth of the buzz, now it seems to be a recreation of the buzz.

Either way, it has produced some very interesting music.

Some Psych-folk artists to listen to:
Devendra Banhart

+ will is my friend
be kind
+ autumn's child
+ this beard is for siobhan

+ farther on
+ on a nerve
+ luna sea
joanna newsom

+ clam, crab, cockle, cowrie
+ en gallop
The Skygreen Leopards

+ the heron (a dream of waters, pt. 2)

+ joyshapes / magnolia - this is a page link where 2 songs can be downloaded*

*Exclaim* (music mag) has an article on psych-folk

*(this is a re-post from August - some additonal songs have been added.... i'm lazy, sue me.)

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