June 08, 2007

The National: White Sessions 2007

Here's The National's White Session for France Inter radio on May 7th 2007. White Sessions are the same as Black Sessions, but without an audience. These are essential for all National fans and 'must hear' stuff for those of you who haven't snapped up any remaining tickets for the band's tour dates.

Read Sixeyes most recent interview with band singer and lyricist, Matt Berninger.

Check tour dates here.

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UPDATE: Sixeyes has begun to re-post the entire White Session 2007 by the band. The songs will be doled out two at a time.

Post number 1
Post number 2

07/05/28 - White Session - Radio France
01. start a war
02. brainy
03. slow show
04.squalor victoria
05. apartment story
06. racing like a pro
07. ada
08. you've done it again virginia
09. mistaken for strangers
10. fake empire
11. about today

You can download The National's Boxer and Alligator at eMusic with their free trial offer.


  1. Fantastico! Thanks for this. You've got terribly good taste.

  2. Absolutely amazing. Thanks a lot for posting this!

    Bruce Some Velvet Blog

  3. That song "Brainy" has been played many times on my daily playlist, such a brilliant work!

  4. Hey, I really really love this blog. I barely comment in any of the blogs I read, my english sucks.

    Well (i wish you could read spanish)
    thats all i wanted to say. I'm a national fan fan. And thanks to you i've been getting the greatest material. God, are you understanding...?

    Anyway. Thank you. Thank you for everything.


  5. Hi Sofia

    Your English is good enough that I understand exactly what you're saying, so you're welcome and thank you... thank you for the lovely comment.

  6. Anonymous5:46:00 AM

    Thanks for posting, much appreciated.

  7. Anonymous6:42:00 PM

    Would you please, please, please repost those links? The National is a really fantastic band, and after being introduced to them on this website, I went out and purchased all the music I could find of theirs. I'd love to hear this as well though.

  8. Anonymous5:46:00 AM

    Can't believe I missed this. Please repost the links, I can't live without them. Thx.

  9. Anonymous11:54:00 AM

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...you know what we're after...

  10. Ok, ok.... I will repost the white sessions, but not in quite the same way as this post.

    thanks to all who've commented and to those who begged so wonderfully.