November 24, 2004


You may have noticed (how could you not?) the links to on some of my latest posts. I was approached by insound via email regarding their affiliate program and it didn't take me long to sign up. I have wanted to put 'buy' links on the posts so visitors to *SIXEYES could purchase the music if they desired, but there's something about Amazon and it's amazonian size that bothers me, besides I have been visiting insound for a few years now and have discovered vast amounts of new music and bands while there.

I will earn a small commission for each sale to a customer who came from *SIXEYES - although there have been none so far. And I thought I was gonna be rich.

Here's a 10% off coupon you guys can use. Just enter "6ize" at checkout [exp.12.06.04].

Buy it at Insound!

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