November 03, 2004

Ken Stringfellow

Ken Stringfellow has been around the block. First getting deserved attention for his part as a member of 90's band, the Posies, then having the good fortune of touring with REM and cult band Big Star, now he has a recurring gig as a member of Minus 5. But somewhere during all of this he has slipped three solo discs under the indie pop door, and waited for someone to pick it up. Well, don't keep him waiting... PICK IT UP!

Here is, easily, one of the best tracks from his most recent solo work, "Soft Commands", courtesy of - 'You Drew'(MP3).

It's pure, classic, intelligent pop - brimming with his pleasing, softly nasal vocal, the song driven by an upfront, upbeat piano, and buoyed sweetly by a whirring organ. A great song.

"But you drew the poison from me, picked me off the bayonet tree,
Pulled me like a tooth that kept your nights from finding sleep"

"You Drew" lyrics

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